Here in Fayetteville, we are leading the call for more equitable development in our neighborhoods and communities. Alongside partners like Sustainable Sandhills and Democracy North Carolina, we are lifting up our voices to demand climate justice.

What is climate justice? Climate justice means that communities that are most often first-and-worst impacted by fossil fuels (low-income communities of color) are part of decisions that impact their health, lives, and environment.

We are working to establish a Climate Equity Council in Fayetteville and working with city leaders, nonprofit organizations, and community members to ensure our values are included in current and future plans.

My Home…My Neighborhood…Our Community…Our Decisions!

As part of this climate equity task force, we are reviewing the city’s economic development and sustainability plans to ensure climate equity principles are not only included but upheld as core criteria. This also includes our belief that our communities must undergo a just transition to a clean energy economy. We need to create actionable plans to wean ourselves off dangerous fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, coal) and power our world with clean energy sources (solar, wind).

Find our recommendations to the city here.

And, we are committed to ensuring our most vulnerable communities receive the resources they need in order to thrive.

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Learn more about our work to bring climate justice principles into the city’s broader economic and equitable development plans here.

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