Students from the Alliance for Climate Education have been an integral part of our Raleigh PowerUp NC campaign

Our Raleigh organizing committee is working on connecting the need for truly affordable housing in our city to the need for city leaders to invest in a green jobs pathway that creates opportunities for careers in energy-efficiency and renewable energy.

Who is PowerUp NC?
We are a multiracial, statewide team of organizers, leaders and community members who ignite people power to achieve a just transition to a clean energy economy in North Carolina. PowerUp NC is a grassroots organizing program of the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters Foundation.

Why we are organizing for a just transition in North Carolina
Dependence on fossil fuels drives climate change that threatens our communities. Our state is already experiencing severe heat waves, droughts followed by historic flooding, and increasingly devastating storms. When we are struggling to make ends meet, these kinds of impacts just make it harder to care for ourselves and our families.

We all need clean air, clean water, and healthy food, an affordable and safe place to live, and a high quality job that pays a living wage. Too often, these basic needs go unmet. That’s why North Carolina needs a just transition – a transition away from the fossil fuel-based economy that hurts workers and our communities, to a renewable energy economy that can sustain all of us and protect our environment. For this transition to be just, it must be led and governed by those on the frontlines. The voices of the people most impacted should guide the solutions.

PowerUp NC in Raleigh
For Raleigh families to thrive, the City must create a plan for development that puts people first. PowerUp believes Raleigh needs a plan for the City that is sustainable and equitable. Development can be the way that we achieve good paying jobs, truly affordable housing, and a more sustainable city. Raleigh’s leaders can shift how development is happening and invest in communities by:

• Creating truly affordable housing (including rental housing) that serves people earning 50% and below the area median income (AMI);
• Ensuring that truly affordable housing is energy-efficient to lower energy usage and energy bills;
• Investing in a community-led green career training program to create pathways to green jobs for people impacted by development in downtown Raleigh;
• Committing to using 100% renewable energy by 2050, starting with city-owned buildings to create the job demand for people graduating from green careers training programs.

Kaji speaking at a Raleigh City Council meeting

Join our Raleigh organizing committee!

We are working with partners on the ground on empowering people to speak out on issues that are hindering their community from thriving in the ways that it could and should. Whether it is affordable housing, high utility bills, access to healthy food, or the lack of good-paying jobs, we can work together to tackle all of this issues as a community.

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