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for the environment and against inequity

We reach greater levels of justice when we connect the root causes of climate change and environmental degradation to those of other issues, and fight together to create impact.

Your Vote is your Voice

What happens when you don’t vote? People who don’t share your values are elected to office. This needs to change and voting makes your values known.

Connect with PowerUp NC

PowerUp NC is building a stronger economy, healthier environment, and a more inclusive democracy.

You are the experts on your lives and your communities. You have enormous power to shape North Carolina’s present and future. Join the team making a change in your backyard.

Working together for change

North Carolina League of Conservation Voters Foundation (NCLCVF) connects and engages people to protect our natural environment and promote the well-being of our communities. 

When you stand up for the environment, you’re protecting more than beautiful beaches or a great hiking trail — you’re creating healthy change right in your community. Protecting the environment can actually lower power bills, create jobs, and improve family’s health and quality of life.

Get involved with NCLCV Foundation

You don’t have to be a staff member or volunteer with a nonprofit to make an impact on policy. Your voice can influence the decision-making process right now.

You can vote, communicate with your elected official, become a citizen advocate, and engage with PowerUp.

Support environmental values in NC

In our neighborhoods, at polling places, and in city council meetings — let’s ensure all people have access to sustainable jobs, affordable housing, voting rights, and a clean energy future. 

Please donate today to educate and engage more North Carolinians to take action.

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