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Power The Vote NC engages frontline communities all year long in Eastern NC — through voter registration, advocacy, civic education, and leadership development.

Power The Vote NC seeks to further the NCLCVF mission to turn environmental values into NC priorities. We organize in communities to connect environmental policies to people’s daily lives and lift voices to “become the change that they want to see”.

We believe change is possible for frontline communities most impacted by environmental policies. We are rooted in creating equity and engage in these efforts year-round.


How we do it:
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We register voters in historically disenfranchised Eastern NC communities and connect them to their ballot and their elected leaders

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We build power by developing leaders in impacted communities and identifying those communities’ priorities and their solutions for climate and environmental justice issues

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Advocating for policies that better serve Eastern NC is our primary objective. When we connect communities and build leaders, policy change happens.

What We Do

Lifting Voices by Building Relationships

Power the Vote is an initiative born from the urgency in Eastern North Carolina’s frontline communities. These communities are directly affected by climate change and other environmental issues. We are building genuine relationships to ensure the community is civically engaged in supporting solutions to these challenges. Our strategies include:

  • Online Voter Registration
  • Large-Scale Field Voter Registration
  • Civic Education
  • Leadership Workshops
  • Relational Organizing
  • Community Meetings, Focus Groups, and Workshops
  • Base Building and Supporting Local Organizations
  • Climate & Environmental Awareness
  • Connections to State-Level Environmental Policies Impacting Eastern NC

Join the Conversation

How do you feel about climate change? How have you seen it affect your community?

We want to talk about the solutions you believe will be most effective in making change happen. We want to talk about the role you believe elected officials play in making these changes. Let’s talk about getting registered to vote — and your friends, family, and community getting registered, too.

Leverage your power
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