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Kevin Primus

Kevin Primus

Board Member
Kevin was born in Pittsburgh, where the natural confluence of two mighty rivers catalyzed the merciless extraction, processing, and distribution of the region’s natural resources, the never-before-seen pollution that required street lights to burn 24 hours a day, and the hospitals needed to handle the carcinogenic consequences of two centuries of careless capitalistic exploitation. In 1991, Kevin moved to Durham to attend college on a 7,000+ acre, forested campus made purchasable by the slick, strategic marketing and relentless, international sales of a “delivery device for nicotine,” industrially produced by a newly patented cigarette-rolling machine. Kevin continues to reside in Durham, where he serves on the board of the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association and leverages his professional background in campus ministry, real estate, education, and tech entrepreneurship to facilitate more humane and responsible approaches to community building, capital investment, human-centered design, and environmental stewardship.

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